Montana Western Costs

Tuition for 2014-15 is an average since the Board of Regents has approved a two-tiered plan, a lower tuition for underclassmen and a higher tuition for upperclassmen.  Living expenses includes room and board, transportation costs, and miscellaneous costs and are estimated based upon on-campus costs, student surveys, national data, etc.  The loan fees are an average of the loan origination fee of approximately 3% for all loans.  On award letters, loan fees and transportation are listed under miscellaneous expenses.

If you would like to see our current Cost of Attendence, click COA.   

The costs listed in the link above do not include course specific lab fees that may be assesed on a student by student basis, nor does it include estimated miscellaneous expenses and estimated transportation.

Students attending Montana Western are required to carry health insurance.  A charge for health insurance is automatically added to all student accounts each semester.  To waive these charges, students must demonstrate proof of insurance to the Business Services Office at the start of each semester.

The financial aid budget, also called the Cost of Attendance, includes average tuition, fees, books, supplies and standardized living expenses for the student only. Expenses of family members cannot be included in the budget, except for dependent care expenses. Financial aid "need" is determined by subtracting the expected family contribution (EFC) and other education resources (i.e., Job Service benefits, Vocational Rehabilitation or SRS, Tribal Education Funding, and scholarships) from the cost of attendance.